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Impact to world and people
We invest and work to improve the life conditions in Turkey. Support the projects impacting the environment.

FB Textile, the leading light-woven and knit garment manufacture/exporter of Turkiye for nearly past 30 years, has been the partner, creative and innovative manufacturer and exporter of the world's top brands throughout years. Offering design excellence thanks to our teams both in Spain and Turkey, our agile and innovative production facilities in Izmir and Van in Turkiye, make it possible knit and light-woven garments ready for shipment up to 5 weeks.

We are proud to cover 95% of our exports from own designs, with our sampling room producing an average of 2500 samples per month.

Thanks to our flexible and agile production set-up in two different regions of the country, we provide regional and technical superior features as well as a strong and extensive fabric resource ability, supporting our design and production for ever evolving and sustainable levels.

Innovative textile company with diverse and high quality textile products, that works with enough flexibility to serve fashion market segments with designs and collections.

Led by a culture of operational excellence that offers a prompt response, quality service to our customers thanks to our highly trained and motivated staff which allow us to grow with sustained profitability.

Our mission is to be a pioneering institution that follows and interprets developments in worldwide fashion industry. We achieve this through our young and dynamic team who create, present to customers and produce with confidence, hence adding value to our customers, employees and partners.

We are a textile company working to meet the quality standards of our customers by using our innovative and service-oriented capacity that is flexible enough to produce differentiated products.

We have a team of experts who are identified with and committed to the company, and who promote the development of their skills.

Our operations are aimed at the achievement of profitability in sustainable growth, while promoting social and environmental responsibility.

The actions of our organization are based on the following values:

- Everybody is respected and valued in the company, therefore we comply with the rules and internal policies that ensures a good working environment

- We strive for comprehensive quality in our employees, processes and products in accordance with current market demands and globalization

- We are evet evolving, therefore always open to change, we seek continuous improvement and competitive differentiation stemming from research, analysis and creativity.

- We offer to our team members our confidence, talent and enthusiasm so that they can achieve mutual objectives with superior results.

- We are committed to the rational and responsible use of resources, and the creation of products that enhance the quality of life of our employees, customers, and society, while caring for the environment, achieving economic growth, and gaining competitiveness in FB Textile.