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Commitment & Statement

Our Policies
Ensuring a good workplace environment is essential to improve productivity and
protect emotional wellness of employees.

As FB Textile, we care about the creation of an appropriate environment for ensuring social gender equality within our company, in our relations with our suppliers and in society in general, and we work in this direction. For this purpose, we commit:

1- To carry out the necessary activities between the headquarters and branches of the company in order to raise awareness on gender equality,

2- Not to use words and expressions contrary to gender equality, to ensure that attitudes and behaviours are not shown in all processes while implementing the activities of the Company and to take the necessary measures in this regard,

3- To establish easily accessible mechanisms at the headquarters and branches of the company for information, guidance and problem-solving regarding violence against women and sexual harassment,

4- To carry out and support activities to increase the ratio of female managers at the headquarters and branches of the Company,

5- To maintain our actual high female employment rate and continue to support women's employment.

FB Tekstil attaches great importance to women's employment in order to support women's existence in all areas and at all levels of economic life.