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Sustainable Enviroment
We invest in sustainable textile and environmental technologies.
Our sustainability team works to
improve working conditions of
suppliers, management and
control of risks that may arise
from products and services.
Download our 2022
sustainability report

We use 65% energy-saving LED lighting in the environmental lighting of our facilities, in our offices and factory areas.

Our guide in the dimensions and results of our environmental performance is ISO 14001.

We work with licensed recycling companies for the circular economy of wastes from our production activities.

We have documented the electrical energy consumption of the facility used, coming from the grid, with the I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificate.

Our water consumption is monitored by digital water meters and measures are taken in case of leakage.

By digitizition of design processes, we reduce resource use and waste.

By digitizing design, we reduce resource use and waste.

We prefer modern equipment technologies for energy saving.

We increase the use of sustainable sources.